Some claim to have the ability to move heaven and earth for their customers. We can’t do much about heaven, but if you need earth moved, you can count on Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating to get it done.

Our team has over three decades of experience perfecting our excavating services for happy customers in Clark, Cowlitz, and Lewis counties in Washington.

Home Site Cut-Outs

Every residential or commercial structure relies on a firm foundation. The team at Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating will set your project up for success with a home site cut-out for your foundation or pole building. We carefully measure and plan before making the first cut, and take great pride in being the company that most homeowners and business owners in Clark, Cowlitz, and Lewis counties trust to get their building project started.

Home site cut-outs go far beyond residential foundations. We can also complete your driveway cut-out, swimming pool or pond cut-out, or garage cut-out. If dirt needs to go, give us a call.

Want to learn more about our home site cut-out services? Check out the home site cut-outs page!

French Drains + Curtain Drains

Whether you’re building a new home or you’ve moved into an old one, protecting the foundation is paramount to the longevity of your home and lowering the long-term costs of homeownership.

Keep water away from the foundation and out of your home with French or curtain drains. The drainage experts at Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating will assess your current situation and make a recommendation for the drainage system that will work the best for your residential or commercial property. These attractive options prevent ground or surface water from penetrating your foundation, reducing the long-term cost of damage reparations.

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    The professionals at Spencer's Trucking are hard-working and dedicated to delivering quality services for all of your commercial or residential projects. Please contact us by calling (360) 577-8828 or by using this form!

    Dry Well

    Need extra protection against stormwater? We’re the experts in keeping your home or commercial building safe from unwanted water. Choose us to create a dry well on your property, and rest easy when the storms come. We’ll excavate a reinforced, underground chamber designed to filter and disperse rainwater safely.

    Stump Removal

    You’ve gotten rid of the tree-- now what? Roots run deep, and stumps are unsightly. The talented team at Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating are the experts at stump removal. We know how to safely and effectively remove the trunk, and we’ll also fill and compact the hole to prevent sinkholes or other unexpected problems post-removal.

    Water and Sewer Connections

    Water and sewer connections are two of the most important steps in building a new residential or commercial structure. We have the tools, the training, and the experience to excavate and install the connections you need.

    Want to learn more about our water and sewer services? Check out our septic and utilities page!

    Retaining Walls

    Like an iceberg, retaining walls don’t just stay above the surface. The team at Spencer’s can excavate the ditch needed to stabilize a sturdy retaining wall that will last for decades. Need help with rock placement? Just let us know!

    When the ground at your residential or commercial property has to go, Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating is Kelso’s go-to business. Our friendly staff, competitive prices, and excellent work has earned us customers for life. The next time you need excavation services, choose Spencer’s to see what you’ve been missing.

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