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Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating is so much more than just trucking or excavation. We offer a variety of services to improve your home, enhance your landscape, and remove bumps from the road -- literally.

Let’s go over all of the other services Spencer’s provides to our customers within a 100-mile radius of our shop in Kelso, WA.


Our team is trained to oversee the demolition of buildings, pending proper permits. To find out if we’re available to manage your demolition, please get in touch. Once the site is cleared, trust us to create the cut-out (link home site cut-out) that will become the foundation of your next project.

Tree Clearing

When a tree is keeping you from completing your project, it’s time to call in the experts. We have the tools and the technical expertise needed to clear trees and pull or grind stumps to create a clear path for you to complete your building project. Once the trees are gone, our team will fill the hole and compact the new soil to minimize the risk of sinkholes or other structural issues.

Field Mowing and Mulching

If your field is overgrown and in need of some attention, Spencer’s can complete the mowing or mulching services you need. When we mow, we bag up all the clippings for a clean look. Prefer to feed your grass with the clippings? When we mulch the field, we leave the grass clippings behind to break down and release nutrients back into the soil.

Hydro Excavating

We’ve harnessed the power of water to excavate. When we hydro excavate, we use pressurized water to loosen soil and create a dirt slurry before removing that soil with an industrial-strength vacuum. This method is used to minimize the risk of injury or damage, revealing wires and pipes rather than cutting through them with heavy machinery. This method is a more accurate way to dig, and can even be used in the wintertime-- using warm water to soften the ground and remove soil.

Trench Digging

When excavators are too big to complete the job, we rely on the Ditch Witch to dig small trenches. The Ditch Witch was created to dig out small trenches (between 12 to 48 inches deep and 3 to 16 inches wide) used to carry water, power lines, and telephone lines.

Augering and Boring Holes

Whether you need holes drilled for your deck posts, telephone poles, or solar posts, the team at Spencer’s can help. Just let us know what size holes you need and provide a plan for the locations. We’ll do the rest. Our extensive inventory of tools enables us to auger or bore holes of any size.

Spencer’s Trucking & Excavating is cross-trained in many different fields, and it is our greatest joy to gain a new customer for life. We can’t wait to share our expertise, passion, and habit of going above and beyond in all we do when you choose us for your next job.

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